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      Marquette removes signs

      The city of Marquette is responding to complaints it's received over signs posted in the city's right of way. The complaints were for excessive signage in the city, so they removed those signs that were in violation of the city code. The code states that signs must be placed back beyond the city right of way.

      "We recognize that right of ways vary from street to street so in most cases what we look for and what we advise people is, if you have a sidewalk place it behind the sidewalk or on the yard side of the sidewalk." said Dennis Stachewicz, Director of Community Development for Marquette. "If you don't have a side walk generally six feet back from the curb is considered to be acceptable."

      Stachewicz also said they removal of the signs was not politically motivated, they only took signs that violated the code. Once removed the signs are kept at city hall for ten days giving the owners a chance to pick them up.