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      Marquette resident faces probation after stealing from elderly

      Emotional testimony was heard Friday morning in Marquette County Circuit Court when a Marquette woman was sentenced for stealing from the elderly. Thirty-two-year-old Jessica Reynolds of Marquette will serve 18 months of probation on one charge of larceny of property valued at over $20,000.

      Reynolds worked as a caretaker for elderly couples in the Marquette area. Her defense attorney said she stole property from their homes during the past year and sold the items to buy drugs.

      Friday morning in court, 92-year-old Natalia Broderick read a statement to Reynolds.

      "What I want is for (Reynolds) not to be available to do this to other senior citizens who are looking for help and, not theft," said Broderick.

      The daughter of another victim, Col. Allen Raymond, also read a statement.

      "In the time that you were in our house, you pretty much cleared all the valuables," said Dr. Licia Raymond.

      Reynolds also spoke to the courtroom. She said, "I just hope that in time, you can maybe forgive me. It's going to take a lot of time for me to forgive myself and for my family to forgive me."

      In addition to probation time, Reynolds was ordered to pay back $14,874.75 to Broderick and $16,550 to Raymond.