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      Marquette resident found murdered in Detroit

      The Marquette Police Department reports that information has been received of the homicide that occurred in Detroit, Michigan involving a Marquette resident, identified as 21-year-old Antone Adrian Ramos.

      On July 12, MPD was contacted by the Detroit Police Department regarding the investigation into a homicide that occurred in Detroit. DPD was dispatched on that day at approximately 2:20 p.m. to an abandoned apartment building in the 1400 block of Webb Street on the report of a deceased individual found inside. The investigation found that the deceased has been the victim of a murder, and his identity was unknown at the time, according to police.

      Authorities said that during the investigation, a pickup truck was found parked in the area of the crime scene that was registered to a Marquette resident. The vehicle was out of place and was the reason for the DPD to contact MPD.

      The Marquette Police Department attempted to contact the owner of the truck, but had difficulty due to the owner being out of the area on a fishing trip and out of cell phone range. On Sunday, July 15, contact was made with the owner of the truck and the name of the possible victim was obtained.

      On July 16, family of the deceased was unfortunately able to identify the victim as Antone Ramos. He was a friend of the owners of the truck and had made arrangements to borrow the vehicle. Ramos borrowed the vehicle sometime on July 11 or in the early morning hours of July 12.

      MPD is currently working with DPD's Homicide Unit in this investigation.

      "There are some leads that are going to be worked on, but we're always looking for information in any kind of a case like this," said Capt. Gordon Warchock of the Marquette City Police. "And sometimes it really gets put together quickly by just a little bit of information that somebody didn't think was that important, but as soon as police get it, it opens up the case."

      Anyone with information related to this investigation is encouraged to call the Marquette Police Department at (906) 228-0400.