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      Marquette residents learn about improvements to Third Street

      Over 100 Marquette residents came to the Marquette Commons to listen to the upcoming improvements to north Third Street and the surrounding area Saturday.

      The improvements are a part of what the city of Marquette is calling the Third Street Village Corridor Sustainable Development Plan .

      The city received a $75,000 grant to improve things like bike lanes and sidewalks.

      Mike Lydon was one of the consultants at the Commons Saturday showing residents what a bike lane would look like on Third Street.

      "We're looking at adding a bicycle lane that would go up the hill from the university closer to downtown and then looking at what's called a shared use lane marking, where there's not enough width use for bicycling, going down hill," said Mike Lydon, Street Plans Collaborative consulting.

      Lydon said there is also room for more parking on the street.

      Two more presentations will be offered at the Marquette Commons Sunday and Monday from 6 to 8 p.m.