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      Marquette Royales hope to help youth hockey players

      Youth hockey in Upper Michigan

      The Marquette Royales have had a very successful season, and now they're supporting youth hockey in the central Upper Peninsula with a new fundraiser.

      At a press conference Thursday, the team announced new jerseys and a Nascar-themed weekend of games with proceeds going to youth hockey programs.

      The jerseys made for the games bear the logos of local teams, including the Negaunee Miners, Marquette Redmen and Electricians. With a number of hockey games in the area this weekend, the team is looking forward to seeing the community support the sport.

      "It's just a fantastic way for us to be able to pitch in, even a little bit, to help kids that are playing hockey. It's not a cheap sport and anything we can do to help organizations out in any way we're happy to do it," said Marquette Royales' Coach Mike Stanaway.

      Coaches on the team say they were able to do this fundraiser with the help of Hoover Autobody and the City of Marquette's help.

      The Royales will be auctioning off signed jerseys and sticks as part of the promotion. They'll also be raising a banner inside Lakeview Arena as the team has won their division.

      Games Friday night begin at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday's game starts at noon. If you bring your ticket from either Northern Michigan University vs. Michigan Tech game, Sunday's game is free.