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      Marquette runners run for Boston

      People from the Marquette Marathon are showing their support for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

      They've organized a run on the one month anniversary of the Boston bombings, with all of the proceeds going to the One Fund Boston organization. Organizers are calling it the Boston Strong 409 Run. The race will be 4.9 miles, which was what time the race clock was at when the bombs went off near the finish line.

      "It's really just our way of trying to help from here; we're far away, but we all felt it. It really shook us to the core. There were a lot of runners who were about a mile away that never got to finish, and that's really unfortunate that someone took that away from them," said rase organizer, Stephanie Z. Langlois.

      The race is set for Wednesday, May 15 at 6 p.m. They're asking runners to meet at Mattson Lower Harbor Park. T-shirts that say "I run for Boston" will also be available at the race.

      If you register for the Marquette Marathon at this event, you will get five dollars off the normal fee. All money from shirt sales and donations will go to One Fund Boston.