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      Marquette schools seek Chromebooks for students

      Tuesday, Marquette Area Public Schools unveiled TIME, a new initiative which stands for Technology in Marquette Education.

      The one-on-one initiative will equip every fifth grader in the district with a Chromebook and the necessary tools to compete in today's technology focused society.

      At the click of a button, you can send critical information around the world and build a network without leaving your home. The MAPS Education Foundation is partnering with the school district to upgrade technology in their schools in order to keep up with the times and better prepare their students for the future.

      "That's what they're growing up with, so we need to provide that same type of learning platform for them at school," said Bill Saunders, MAPS superintendent. "That's where their attention is. That's where they learn best."

      Currently, the schools have computer labs, but teachers say the rooms are often booked on the school's schedule before their students have time to use them.

      "We really like electronics, so I think we're going to be more excited about learning because we get to do it with electronics," said Kennisonn Fitch, student.

      There will be nine fifth grade classrooms in MAPS next school year. Each Chromebook will cost $350, so the education foundation is hoping to raise $100,000 to support computer-based learning in the classroom.

      With donations from the community, students will be able to open up a whole new world of education in the classroom.

      "We're breaking it down so that people can buy an individual Chromebook or several people can get together and purchase it," said Tom Baldini, education foundation president. "Some people have already agreed to buy a classroom of books, but we won't have enough of those so we're going to ask the individual to make a contribution."

      Donations are a 501(c)3 tax deductible and can be sent to the address below. MAPS has set a target date of September 2014 for the Chromebooks.

      MAPS Education Foundation1201 W. Fair AvenueMarquette, Michigan 49855

      Checks should be made out to: MAPS FoundationInclude in the memo line: TIMECheck progress of the campaign at: