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      Marquette schools seek millage renewal

      The end of the school year is only a few short months away, and most school districts in the Upper Peninsula are looking to renew their operational millages.

      The ultimate decision is up to area voters. This is due to the 2014 expiration of the millage, which has been in place since the passing of proposal A in 1994. It allows districts to levy 18 mills on all non-homestead properties.

      The millage is critical to all school districts, and is 33 percent of Marquette Public Schools' operating budget.

      "First of all, it's a renewal," said MAPS Board of Education President Rich Rossway. "Secondly, it's non-homestead. And when we say non-homestead, it means that a primary place of residence of yours is not impacted. You do not pay those taxes, ever. It will be for either a secondary home, or for the business community, but again, it would simply be a renewal."

      Because of the expiration date, schools are now required to contact their community, remind them of the millage, and ask for their support and permission in imposing this tax levy again. The millage will go to the public during the special elections in August this year to decide the renewal.

      If voters are to refuse the renewal request by MAPS, the schools will lose roughly $8.5 million in revenue.