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      Marquette Schools welcome "new" superintendent

      Bill Saunders can now remove the word "interim" from his title.

      Monday night, Sauders accepted a three-year contract to be the Superintendent of the Marquette Area Public Schools.

      According to the board, Saunders received an 89 percent success rating as Interim Superintendent. The board members say they believe the best candidate for superintendent has been under their noses all along.

      "We've been thrilled with the work Bill Saunders has done when we first named him as an Interim Superintendent. And what we've been impressed with, and his evaluation reflects this, is his tremendous leadership, tremendous collaborative effort, external work in the community, and first and foremost, a tremendously strong work ethic," said Rich Rossway, President of MAPS Board.

      The board also said it was a more financially responsible decision to hire Saunders. They avoided spending money on a more costly superintendent search.