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      Marquette Senior High Sschool alums honored

      Two new Marquette Senior High School alums are now on the Pendill Wall of Excellence. The wall honors the school's students who have gone on to distinguish themselves in their chosen field, showed a commitment to community service, and given their time or money to charitable endeavors.

      This year, educator and standout high school basketball coach Gordon LeDuc and biologist and MIT Professor Sallie Chisholm were honored. Back in February, Chisholm received the National Medal of Science Award from President Obama, the nation's highest honor in the field of science.

      "To me that wall signifies greatness, but more than anything, it's a tangible asset for students to be able to really see and accomplish their dreams," said MAPS Interim Superintendent Bill Saunders. "They can see that other people have gone out and accomplished great things, and I think it allows them to strive to accomplish those same great things."

      The honorees both spoke fondly of their time at MSHS. Members of the selection committee and the Marquette School District are hoping to have the Pendill Wall Ceremony become an annual event.