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      Marquette showcased in Times Square

      The City of Marquette is now being advertised in Times Square as a summer vacation destination.

      The Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau purchased the ad space, and it runs on one of the LCD screens in midtown Manhattan. The convention and visitors bureau sent in 10 photographs highlighting some of the fun things to do in Marquette like paddle boarding and the local beaches.

      The ad reads "What's your human nature? Find it here."

      Times Square, that's huge, and when I really sat back and looked at it I went, this is cool that we're out there like that," said MCCVB Executive Director, Pat Black. "I'd love to get on a plane and go to Times Square and just stand there and watch it. We have it for two weeks in June, and then we have it for two weeks in July."

      Last year, the MCCVB spent almost $600,000 on advertisements for the City of Marquette. They say whether it's in magazines or on the big screen, the goal is to make their advertisements draw people in by highlighting Lake Superior and showing the variety of activities Marquette has to offer.