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      Marquette skier video goes viral

      What's being called "Urban Skiing" in downtown Marquette has created a viral video.

      Urban skiing is growing in popularity. It takes skiing from the slopes to the streets. There is video of Elliot Karafa as he tried to ski along a rail on Front Street and do a trick at the end of the rail. However, the stunt did not go as planned

      "So we were trying to hit this rail and then 450 around the post because there was a sign right at the end and I thought I had it, and then I spun on. I actually didn't even know I caught until the last second, like, I thought I was off and this was gonna be the one, and I just got snagged because I was wearing a vest so it caught under the hole of the vest right here," sais Karafa as he explained his actions.

      After the video was uploaded, it quickly spread to and other websites. The video was also featured on G4 TV during their Around the Net program.