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      Marquette teachers' negotiations to be discussed at town hall meeting

      As the divide between teachers and administrators drags on, Marquette teachers will have their say Wednesday at a town hall meeting.

      The Marquette Area Public School board has been in negotiations with teachers for nearly a year. Sticking points with the contract include wage increases, class size and health care. The school board says they've seen declining enrollment numbers and that means less money for the district.

      "The schools are an important part of our community; we all want to be working together for the benefit of the students and the families in the Marquette area," says MAPS teacher Fred Cole. "We want to do this to show people what our perspective is and show why we would really like to work toward a strong and unified school district."

      The meeting will be Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Ramada Inn in Marquette. The town hall meeting is open to the public.