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      Marquette Township construction to be completed soon

      Marquette Township Public Works will soon have a new facility.

      Last year, the township gave approval for a three phase construction project.

      Last summer the Fire Hall and Town Hall and Community Center were built.

      And just a few weeks ago, a 1.4 acre piece of land next to the center was purchased by the township.

      This will be a new parking lot, to be finished in the next two weeks.

      The new Public Works facility is currently under construction, and is the third and final phase.

      It's located a block from the Township Hall and Community Center, on North Vandenboom Road.

      "We're pretty excited about finally having a home, a permanent home. We've basically been nomads. So we're pretty excited and looking forward to finally moving in, which hopefully should be by the end of the month it should be pretty much complete," said Kirk Page, Superintendent of Marquette Township Public Works.

      The entire three phase project took a total of 15 years of planning and construction.