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      Marquette Township receives five stars

      Marquette Township has been recognized as a five star community for entrepreneurial growth and development.

      The University of Michigan-Dearborn research report considers a number of factors when making the designation.

      Recent development during a struggling economy and an encouraging environment for small business are just some of the reasons the township has been honored.

      "If you look at Marquette Charter Township, we've got a very vibrant, progressive community that's worked hard to become the kind of place that people want to live, work, visit and play, and this designation will highlight, for some people who may be looking for a new opportunity, why not Marquette Charter Township," said Marquette Township Supervisor Dennis Liimatta.

      The research report surveyed more than 100 communities. Marquette Township is just one of 53 areas in Michigan that was recognized. The City of Marquette received a four star recognition as well.