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      Marquette woman celebrates 100th birthday

      A Marquette woman celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday. Ellen Aho celebrated her birthday with friends at the Norlite Nursing Center in Marquette.

      Aho was born March 30, 1913 on her family's farm in Humboldt Township. Raised by Finnish immigrants, Aho's parents passed down the Finnish language to her, and she still speak it fluently today.

      When asked what is the secret to living an entire century, many in the crowd suggested it was from all of the saunas she used to take.

      Others claimed Sisu keeps her looking so good, but Aho said that is just not the case.

      "Well, if I knew, I would tell you. It's just neat on me," said Aho.

      During the party, the crowd sang songs from the year she was born, and Aho even shared her cake with everyone.

      Hyvaa syntymapaivaa and may you have many more to come, Ms. Ellen Aho.