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      Marquette's GOP celebrates milestone

      While Romney's campaign coordinators were in Marquette for a roundtable session about women voters, they braved the wet weather and went door-to-door Thursday. After meeting for the roundtable, they talked to some voters in the city, trying to garner support for Mitt Romney.

      With election day just 12 days away, they say they realize the importance of Michigan's votes. Part of their trip to the Upper Peninsula is to celebrate a milestone for the campaign.

      "We're in town up in Marquette because we're actually hitting our three millionth voter contact in Michigan, and the people that are getting us there are actually this Marquette Victory Center," said Kelsey Knight, the Michigan Communications Director. "They have been the number one call center in the country every Super Saturday; they have made significant strides."

      Mitt Romney's niece, Ronna Romney McDaniel, was out campaigning in the rain in Marquette. A special reception is also being held Thursday evening at the GOP headquarters.