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      Marquette's McClellan Street to be extended

      It's a project that's been at least 40 years in the making, and Monday night the Marquette City Commission voted to approve the McClellan Avenue extension project.

      The plan is to extend McClellan Avenue past the Peninsula Medical Center to Wright Street. It creates a major north-south route for trucks and other motorists. The motion passed by a 6 to 1 vote with most commissioners expressing their excitement and support for the project

      "We don't have a lot of north-south or east-west roads, and so it ends up diverting traffic through a lot of neighborhoods and busy streets, so I think this is a key project, and I'm glad to finally see it getting started," said Marquette Mayor, John Kivela.

      The cost of the McClellan Avenue extension project is partially being paid for with the help of the Michigan Department of Transportation. The City of Marquette will pay about a million dollars for the project. Work is set to begin in the spring of this year.