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      Martin Lake residents looking for answers

      Residents from Martin Lake showed up in force for Tuesday's Marquette County Board meeting, looking for answers. The water level on Martin Lake, located near K.I. Sawyer, has dropped significantly in recent years.

      Property owners near the lake say it's affected their property values and use of the lake. Wells located in K.I. Sawyer allegedly draw from the same aquifer as Martin Lake, providing water to residents on the former air force base.

      Tuesday, the board heard the residents' concerns and approved a motion to have the planning commission look into possible causes and solutions to the problem. Former Sands Township Supervisor David Kallio came to Tuesday's meeting to offer his take.

      "At this point it isn't just studying, it's trying to determine what impacts may be coming from what direction that may have an adverse impact on the level in the aquifer because the precipitation records don't support that the aquifer should have declined anywhere near this much," said Kallio.

      No timetable has been set for the planning commission to look into the matter.