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      Massive mosaic depicts Biblical scenes

      One man dedicated his life to his love of art and the Bible. He demonstrated that love by creating what some call masterpieces, unlike the world has ever seen, and he calls it My Father's Love.

      Ed Lantzer was homeless, living in an abandoned schoolhouse in Kalkaska, Michigan for most of his life. Despite his hard times, Ed was able to create 30 eight by four foot wooden panels, each weighing more than 400 pounds.

      Ed covered the panels with Biblical mosaics made of thousands of tiny, diamond-shaped wooden pieces crafted from salvaged wood scraps using a table saw. He used Elmer's wood glue to put the mosaic pictures together and simple wood lacquer to preserve them.

      "Nothing in the history of the world has been made like this to this scale, and we have it here in our little Marquette, and the only way to experience it is by coming in and truly seeing it with your own eyes," said exhibit guide volunteer, Meg Engelhart.

      The panels are on display in a free exhibit located in the Jilbert Center between Lawry's Pasty Shop and AT&T in Marquette. For more information on Ed Lantzer's work, click here.