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      Massive mural being constructed in Iron Mountain

      A large and very creative project is taking place in downtown Iron Mountain.

      A massive mural is being painted on a large brick wall near the Downtown Plaza on the side of Blackstone Pizza. The non-profit organization, Power of Words Project, is in charge of the mural, and it was started by Iron Mountain native Mia Tavonatti as a way to get the community involved in the arts.

      Local students and artists received scholarships to take part in painting the mural. ??We basically asked the community to vote on one word that defines their vision for the future of the community,?? said Mia Tavonatti. ??In this case, the 33 words were nominated and 1,500 people voted from this area, and they elected the word: believe.?? Upon receiving the selected word, Tavonatti created a small version of the mural to get started.

      If you??re interested in donating to the project or becoming a sponsor, you can visit their website .