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      Massive quilt block created for FinnFest

      An 8' x 8' quilt block was secured to the side of the Jutila Center in Hancock on Tuesday as the first piece of a quilt block trail.It was put up by the efforts of the Sandstone Peacemakers Quilt Guild and Finlandia University in time for FinnFest. The painted plywood tile is blue and white, the colors of the Finnish flag. The painting is called Storm at Sea and commemorates Finnish immigrants in the Copper Country.

      The quilt guild says the goal is to have homes and businesses put up more quilt blocks to make a trail through the Copper Country."It's kind of to honor the traditional art of quilting, and people enjoy viewing them because they're so beautiful," said Quilt Guild member Anita Campbell. "I kind of like this one quote that said, 'it's like a smile on a building,' because they really are pretty."

      For more information on how you can be part of the Quilt Block Trail, contact Anita Campbell at (906) 337-2704.