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      Masterplan in works for Arts and Culture

      The Marquette Arts and Culture division is developing a master plan for the next ten years.

      They have hosted two public meetings to find out changes residents want to see.

      "What we're hearing is that the lake is so important. The natural beauty is important and to preserve that which inspires people to be here," said Karl Zueger, Community Service Director.

      They're coming to find arts and culture is more diverse. The center is much more than just a space to display artwork from local artists.

      They're trying to find their role as a resource in the community.

      They also partner with many organizations in city events.

      "Some of the things that sort of boiled out of these little mini focus groups and sort of brainstorming sessions is people want a community calendar. I think it would be great if there's a spot where everybody can look and find all of the events," said Beth Millner, jewelry artist.

      The consulting firm will form a report from the focus groups. The division hopes to present the plan to the city commission by June.

      You still have an opportunity to voice your opinions on what the division should do differently.

      They will be launching a survey to get your opinions.

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