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      Matt Wiese weighs in on new position as Marquette County prosecutor

      It's only day three that Marquette County Prosecutor Matt Wiese has held his new position, and already a pile of cases sits on his desk.

      "It's different, it'll take some time," said Wiese.

      And time he has. He's serving the remainder of Gary Walker's term that expires in Dec. of 2012, but he isn't wasting any of it getting the office up to speed. First on the agenda: going paperless.

      "We need to be efficient and run smoothly, prioritize our cases," Wiese said.

      With the recent financial cuts and the loss of one attorney, he's keeping a close check on the budget.

      "What I want to do is show that we're doing the best job possible with the resources we have so next time we come around to budget discussions this coming fall, we won't look at another cut like that," Wiese said.

      Wiese's priority in crime is tackling the county's rising war on meth.

      "The message we want to send to anybody involved in meth is that we will be seeking a prison sentence if we can convict you of this crime, bottom line," Wiese said.

      We asked Mr. Wiese a Facebook viewer's question. Bob Taylor asked, 'What are your biggest goals?'

      "To make sure that the victims of crime in Marquette County feel that they've had an opportunity to voice their feelings, their concerns, and that they've been heard in the criminal justice system," Wiese answered.

      Wiese said he's already started campaigning for the November elections. And although he was appointed by a judge, he's kept in mind that he hasn't been elected by voters yet, and this is his chance to show them where he stands.