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      May 2014 Election Results

      Tuesday was Election Day for several areas in Upper Michigan, and although not every area had issues for voters to consider, we've got the results.

      Below are the results by county for the Upper Peninsula.

      Alger County:Munising City CommissionRod DesJardins: 32Douglas Mason: 16

      Chippewa County:Detour Schools - To continue to levy the statutory rate of 18 mills required for the school district to receive its revenue per pupil foundation allowance.Yes: 150No: 31

      Shall Pickford Public Schools borrow up to $290,000 to be used for remodeling, equipping and re-equipping school buildings; acquiring, installing, equipping and re-equipping school buildings for instructional technology; and purchasing a school bus?Yes: 168No: 138

      Pickford Township Emergency Services Millage - Two mills for six years for capitol improvements and operational expenses for fire, ambulance and emergency services. Will replace the millage that expired in 2013.Yes: 162No: 63

      Pickford Township - Three mills to provide operating funds for road improvements and road maintenance within the Township for 6 years. Replaces expired millage.Yes: 147No: 78

      Rudyard Area Schools borrow up to $3,750,000 for partially remodeling, furnishing and refurnishing, and equipping and re-equipping the school building; purchasing school buses; acquiring, installing and equipping educational technology, together with related infrastructure improvements; remodeling, equipping and re-equipping the pool and other athletic facilities; resurfacing, developing and improving the existing running track; developing and improving athletic fields, athletic facilities and the site; and erecting, furnishing and equipping an addition to the school building?Yes: 366No: 382

      Delta County:Escanaba Power Plant: Authorize the City Council to sell the power plant for continued operations, and dispose of the equipment and assets, including the property.Yes: 509No: 229

      Gogebic County:Bessemer Area School District borrow up to $4,980,000 to be used for security, safety and energy conservation improvements, instructional technology and buy school buses.Yes: 431No: 493

      Houghton County:Hancock Schools Operating Millage Renewal - Allow the school district to levy 18 mills required for the district to receive its per pupil revenue, and renews millage that will expire this year.Yes: 185No: 43

      Keweenaw County:Calumet Public Schools - Levy the 18 mills required for the school district to receive its revenue per pupil allowance and, in part, renews millage that will expire with the 2014 tax levy.Yes: 348No: 81

      Luce County:Tahquamenon Area Schools - Allow the school district to continue to levy 18 mills required to receive its revenue per pupil allowance.Yes: 382No: 261

      Mackinac County:Les Cheneaux Community Schools - Continue 18 mills as required to receive per pupil funding.Yes: 190No: 89

      Mackinac Island MayorMargaret M. Doud: 229Tim Leeper: 138

      Mackinac Island ClerkLinda Hepker: 142Linda J. Price: 227

      Mackinac City CouncilKaren S. Lennard: 148Steven D. Moskwa: 279Anneke M. Myers: 262

      Change the city charter to not prohibit or hinder sales or peddling by veterans of the armed services operating in compliance with a license.Yes: 144No: 203

      Marquette County:Ishpeming School District - To borrow up to $6,780,000 to build and upgrade Birchview Elementary School and Ishpeming High School/Middle School facilities.Yes: 597No: 353

      Ishpeming School Bond II - Allow the district to borrow up to $1,060,000 to expand and improve Birchview School .. creating additional classrooms, restrooms and general storage.Yes: 602No: 341

      Menominee County:Harris Township Fire Millage Renewal - Renew and increase to 1 mill for 4 years for operation and equipment needs for the Harris Township Fire Department.Yes: 88No: 26

      Menominee Schools - Millage increase of 2 mills for 10 years, to make a sinking fund to be used for land purchase, construction or repair of the school buildings.Yes: 1,073No: 475

      Schoolcraft County: