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      McBroom in Iron Mountain, talks about new bill

      State Representative Ed McBroom was in Iron Mountain on Monday at the Dickinson County Public Library listening to voters and taking questions.

      He talked about the state being more flexible with graduation requirements to allow for more vocational education options. Itâ??s part of a bill heâ??s sponsored that would allow credits to go towards technical and career education courses. â??â?|Allowing the student to substitute various credits that they can't do right now, so that they have more opportunity for vocational studies, so they can have more opportunity for arts and music or even more opportunity for the more traditional academic courses, as well,â?? said McBroom.

      The bill has passed through the House and is currently in the Senate, where hearings are expected this fall. Representative McBroom will also have office hours in Delta County on Friday at the Escanaba City Hall from 11 a.m. until 12 p.m., Eastern Time.