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      McBroom talks education reform

      State Representative Ed McBroom met with school representatives at the Dickinson-Iron Tech Center Monday to discuss education reform.

      Talks in Lansing include eliminating Algebra II from the required graduation curriculum.

      There are also talks of two tracks a student can take: a college track and a track where the student can get a job right out of high school.

      People at the meeting expressed their concerns that the two track process doesn't provide enough flexibility for the student.

      ??I've already been talking to a lot of my colleagues and see a good back of support,?? says Ed McBroom. ??And having people in the area send in letters, make the phone calls, talk to their associates, their unions and get them on board once the legislation is introduced is going to be critical.??

      McBroom also says nothing is set in stone at this point, and the legislation is expected to go through many more drafts before it's finalized.