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      McLain State Park preps for Memorial Day weekend

      A popular Memorial Day weekend activity is camping and cooking out. Area parks are preparing for the rush of campers, like McLain State Park in Hancock.

      McLain employees are spending the week cleaning up campgrounds. Out of 97 camps, the park expects about half to be booked this weekend.

      The park is about two weeks behind schedule with opening up various grounds facilities due to the extended winter.

      Park officials say McLain is always a popular spot among locals because of the view of Lake Superior.

      â??Just being on the shore of Lake Superior. People really enjoy the view here,â?? said McLain State Park supervisor, Leland Verberkmoes. â??We get a lot of local people. they come with friends and family, and they can camp next to each other and sit around the campfire and enjoy each otherâ??s' company, and, at the same time, be in a pleasant environment.â??

      Park officials say though there is still snow on the ground in some places, many spots have dried up, increasing the risk of forest fires. Officials are asking campers to keep an eye on their fires at all times.