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      Media group heads to Republican/Democratic Conventions

      They're young professionals in training, and they're about to take their skills up a notch.

      The 8-18 Media is a group of kids, ages 8 through 18 years of age, that report on local issues that affect young people. And now they're headed to the Republican and Democratic conventions.

      "We'll go there and we'll cover issues like youth poverty and education funding. We'll put the youth voice in front of the politicians," said group director Dennis Whitley.

      Whitley also says they don't report for kids either; instead, it's journalism by kids for adults.

      "Adults don't often instinctively listen to kids' points of view. They think that they're naive, they think that they don't have experience, so kids are often dismissed. That's what we're trying to battle and show that kids can do the research and formulate the intense questions and can write the story based on the answers that they get," Whitley added.

      Some of the issues the kids have reported on have been printed in local U.P. media.

      On Wednesday, Marquette County Republican Chair Dan Adamini was there to take questions from the media members.

      "I like that it allows me to get my voice out there and let people hear what I have to say. And I think it's fun to write stories and find out what's going on in the community," said 8-18 member Maggie Guter.

      To learn more about 8-18 Media, click here.