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      Medical first response course offered in Norway

      In a time of crisis or trauma, the knowledge medical first responders bring to a scene can be a matter of life or death. And in Norway, the volunteer North Alert First Response squad is making sure others have an opportunity to learn that valuable and life-saving knowledge, which is why they're offering an EMS course starting in January.

      â??The reason I got into EMS was through a medical first response class; it was offered through North Alert to teach people medical first response,â?? said course instructor, Christine Spence. â??Iâ??m happy to teach more people about being a medical first responder and how important it is to be the first people on scene to help people who are sick and injured.â??

      The class, which starts on January 7 and goes until March 16, meets twice a week for a total of eight hours per week.

      â??Itâ??s a pretty intense 10 weeks of 26 chapters of a book, and a lot of practical skills; learning how to do rescue breathing, how to do CPR, how to backboard, splint and bandage," Spence said.

      Once the students complete the course, they become eligible for the state and national licensing exams, which could lead to becoming a first responder, even at North Alert in Norway. If youâ??re interested in joining the class, you can call Christine Spence at (906) 282-9752.