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      Medical Marijuana and smoke shop working together

      It's the spot where Medical Marijuana caregivers and patients come to conduct business. The Happy Carrot opened in 2010 in Marquette Township.

      "Getting patients away from drug dealers was one of the purposes of the Happy Carrot. Now in 2014 there's an over abundance of supply and we see more caregivers looking to find patients," said Brian Bloch, Co-Founder.

      Bloch says they serve between thirty and fifty patients a week, and there's promise of more.

      Right next door to the Happy Carrot, it's only been about three weeks that the Upper Peninsula In Smoke head shop has been open. Both business owners say the stores compliment each other.

      Inside of UP in Smoke you will find a variety of pipes, vaporizers, posters, tapestries, and novelty items.

      Since it's opening they have made around $5,000 in sales. Co-owner Justin Stockwell says a lot of it has to do with Happy Carrot.

      "Having a network that's right there. It's easy to tell them, go over and you can talk to other caregivers and patients that are networked together, and see how other patients are doing it in the area," said Justin Stockwell

      Even though the store has been open for a couple of weeks they have seen an increase number of people stopping and the Happy Carrot is also experiencing the benefits.

      Some neighbors in the area who declined to go on camera say they're not happy about the store's location, but others don't mind it.

      "It's good for the patients to be able to have all that support in one area. Good safe place to provide them with their medicine. Friendly people to help them use it," said Dan Rantanen.

      U.P. In Smoke is looking to obtain a tobacco license to sell hookah products sometime this summer.