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      Medical marijuana store opens

      Update: 7:15 p.m., Monday

      Each purchase made from the Pioneer Testing Services Company, now located at the Mineral River Plaza in White Pine, is hand-labeled with the date, the dose, the customer's name and medical marijuana card number.

      From sales to security, the new dispensary is nothing if not thorough. But customers don't seem to mind the check-in measures or surveillance cameras. In fact, a number of people stopped in to pick up supplies within hours of the store opening on Monday morning.

      "This helps me because I TMm allergic to most pain medication," said customer Dan Funke. "There really ain TMt much I can take, and this is what gets me by."

      The marijuana comes in all shapes and sizes. Cabinets are stocked with full plants, seeds, and clones.

      Customers can also choose goods from the medical bakery or pre-packaged cannabis.

      Though the transactions are legal, the subject is still sensitive for some customers and community members. That's part of the reason why the store window is completely covered, featuring images of the company's logo, the Declaration of Independence, and the full transcript of Michigan TMs medical marijuana law.

      "They knew exactly what we were doing and they had a chance to stop it," said owner David Ray. "You knew you'd get some last minute naysayers who want to try to change it, but I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think it was 100 percent right."

      Anyone with lingering complaints or concerns will have a chance to address them at the Carp Lake Township meeting Wednesday night. Ray says he'll be there, and that he's happy to answer anyone's questions.


      3:10 p.m., Monday

      The medical marijuana dispensary in White Pine opened on Monday morning, and several customers stopped by in the first few hours of operation.

      Customers have to check in at a reception window before they come in, and there they are checked for their medical marijuana card. Without a card, you can't get in.

      The customers told TV6 they were pleased with the selection offered in the store and with the fact that the dispensary has been located in White Pine.

      Store management has said they are starting small with plans to expand. They are already offering some medical marijuana baked goods.

      Management says the store is fully secured.

      The Carp Lake Township Board is meeting Wednesday night to discuss the medical marijuana issue.