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      Meet Marquette County's Officer of the Year

      Marquette County's Officer of the Year was honored Monday at the Chocolay Township board meeting. Patrolman Anthony Carrick received the award. A five-year veteran on the force, Carrick made 45 drunk and drugged driving arrests last year. Carrick is the fourth officer to win the award for the Chocolay department. The department was also ranked 10th in the state for drunk driving arrests per capita.

      "For the department, this is our second year in a row getting officer of the year, so that's always nice. It shows that we're a proactive department; we're out there stopping things ahead of time," said Carrick. "We're out there saving lives by preventing the accidents, and that's what makes me passionate about it."

      Carrick comes from a long line of police officers. He says he has more than 20 relatives in law enforcement. He recently returned from training in Arizona that helps him identify drivers who are on drugs.