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      Meet Marquette's new mayor

      The city of Marquette has a new mayor and two new commissioners after Tuesday's Organizational Meeting. Robert Niemi was elected as the city's new mayor. Fred Stonehouse was elected mayor pro-tem. Niemi has served on the commission for five years and was serving as mayor pro-tem under Johnny DePetro, who has left the City Commission due to term limits. Niemi say's he's confident of the makeup of the new commission.

      "Our commission has got a lot of challenges coming in the future. I think the commission we've got, we've got a number of veteran commissioners, we've got some very good new commissioners, and it's up to us to take those challenges and turn them into opportunities for the city, and I'm confident we can," said Niemi, Tuesday.

      The commission also welcomed Sarah Reynolds and Dave Campana as new members. Reynolds has lived in Marquette for the past ten years, recently serving on the city's Housing Commission. Dave Campana served on the Marquette County Brownfield Re-development Authority for three years and owned his own business in Marquette for 19 years.