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      Meet the candidate: George Hyde

      U.P. native George Hyde has been practicing law for 18 years and has his own firm. Now he is running for Marquette County Probate Judge.

      "I love the passion that's involved. I love to help people through their challenges and their obstacles. It is my calling," said Hyde.

      A probate judge makes decisions in cases from ranging from child neglect, elderly abuse, contested wills and estates issues, to name a few. Hyde says a probate judge plays a big role in the life of troubled youth.

      "When kids are having troubles or obstacles or challenges in their family, we need to get hold of those problems. We need to give kids the tools to succeed, and I have experience doing that," Hyde said.

      Hyde was appointed as Chief Referee for Juvenile Court in 2001 where he ruled on more than 5,000 cases.

      "I've never had any decision challenged or repealed. I think it shows my decisions are sound, that they are well reasoned, that I'm able to make good decisions," Hyde said.

      Supporters say he is the right person for the job. Heather Parkkonen has known him for years.

      "Children are not represented the best way, and I think they need someone who could advocate for them, be a voice and really stand for them, stand by them, and I think that George will really do that," said Parkkonen.

      If he wins the seat, he will serve a six-year term.