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      Melodies from the bank

      It's a bank during the weekday, but on the second Friday of every month, Superior National Bank in Hancock is turned into a music hall.

      For the past two years, the bank has invited their customers and people from around the community to enjoy an afternoon of music. From polka to classical, those in attendance get a chance to spend time with friends and enjoy free food.

      "We used to have a Christmas open house with music and it was such a smash hit, we decided to go out and buy an upright piano, and we started out with a handful of people the first couple of months and now we run probably 100 to 200 people a month," said organizer Judy Usitalo.

      Friday's afternoon of music is particularly special because after 47 years, CEO Willis Fontaine is retiring. Many people took the time to congratulate Fontaine, and he even received a Letter of Recognition from Governor Rick Snyder. Fontaine says he's going to miss all of the people he has met throughout the years, but just because he's retiring, that doesn't mean he won't still stop in to enjoy the music.