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      Men and women show off their strength

      It was the first-ever Strongman/woman Competition held at Advantedge Training in Marquette.

      Saturday afternoon, 23 athletes from across the Upper Peninsula entered into the competition. Men participated in the log press while women had to carry a sandbag across a mat for as long as they could.

      The gym says it gives people something to train for especially when it comes to post-graduate athletes.

      "I just wanted a strength event that's exciting for the town to watch, for people to compete in, and just give people something else to train for," said Dana Skytta, Advantedge sports trainer.

      "I think what I enjoy about it is a lot of people, when they're looking at fitness, they're looking at weight loss, that sort of thing. This is really empowering, really strong, and I think a lot of women can get behind that," said Kate Trautschold, competitor.

      Advantedge says with such a large turnout, they are considering holding another competition in the near future.