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      Men taking charge of their health

      Portage Health Hospital held their Third Annual Men's Health Tune-up. This year's theme was wellness with an emphasis on exercise and nutrition.

      "It's an opportunity for men in the Copper Country to come out and enjoy a great day. There's a little bit of health education; they TMll have fantastic screenings and a wonderful breakfast and lunch," said health coordinator Angela Luskin.

      Health experts stress that men should find a physical activity they enjoy and make it a part of their daily routine to keep healthy.

      The participants were asked to fast for 12 hours and were then given a full lipid profile. This profile determines the risk of heart disease by taking a blood sample. The test also shows the amount of good and bad cholesterol in the body.

      Some of the other tests given were hearing, blood pressure and bone density.

      "Sixty percent of all deaths in males are due to cardiovascular disease, cancer, or diabetes, and there are very similar risk factors for all three of those with obesity and physical inactivity being at the top of the scale," said Michigan Tech's Department Chair of Kinesiology and Integrated Physiology, Jason Carter.

      Statistically, men are less likely to go to the doctor, and studies have shown that when men get sick, they tend to "wait it out" to see if they'll feel better before making a trip to the doctor's office. So this forum was created to inform, discuss and improve the overall health of these men.

      I thought this was a good thing to find out--I'm a little older now--what kind of health I'm actually in," said attendee Arthur Kreivi.

      Although there are certain genetic issues that men may face, this event helped men understand that they can control their physical activity and nutrition.

      Health experts say it's important for men of all ages to receive an annual check-up to reduce their risks and stay healthy.