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      Menominee Marina dredging project

      Record low water levels on Lake Michigan are posing a threat to large boats in the Menominee Marina.

      The sediment that naturally collects on the bottom of the marina, with the added low lake level, can cause larger boats to drag bottom. The marina will soon be dug out to clean the surface and create more depth. The dredging project is made possible by the State of Michigan, which has awarded the city of Menominee a waterways grant of $1.2 million.

      Menominee City Manager Michael Kramer said, "Ninety percent of it is sand, and the other ten percent is organic material. We have seaweed and brush and things like that, that sink to the bottom. Those items will all be removed and will be stockpiled at a location that the city owns, property in the township."

      The project will begin in mid-October when all of the boats are out of the marina. A company called 'Grow America' has won the bid. The channel and four slips will be increased to a depth of ten feet. The remainder of the marina will be dredged to about eight feet. The city manager says the results will last between 15 to 20 years. The project is expected to be completed in December.