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      Menominee schools hope for millage

      The Menominee Area Public Schools are in disrepair. School officials say the leaking roofs, asbestos, and inadequate heat are all problems the students and staff face on a daily basis. The schools are seeking a Building and Site Sinking Fund Millage to help pay for repairs to keep everyone safe, secure, dry and warm.

      The students of Menominee Area Public Schools are facing daily distractions, and possible health hazards. This is why the schools are seeking a $6.5 million millage over the next 10 years.

      Over two million of that would go towards removing asbestos from the Junior and Senior High School.

      The schoolâ??s single pane, aluminum framed windows are nearly 50 years old, and let in quite a draft.

      â??There are some teachers that instruct their students to wear winter coats in class because thereâ??s more cold air coming in through the windows than what the vents put out,â?? said director of operations Steve Sobay.

      This winter, the buildings became so cold, classes had to be cancelled.

      For this reason, the school needs to upgrade their boiler system.

      As the weather warms, and the snow melts, cold classrooms are replaced by damp ones.

      The roofs on all three school buildings are in need of replacement.

      â??The kids have to walk around the building and dodge buckets if we have too much of a snow melt or it rains too hard,â?? said high school math teacher Gail Everhart. â??Itâ??s all a distraction and itâ??s tougher to teach that way.â??

      If the millage is passed, a homeowner with a house valued at $75,000 would see an annual tax increase of $75.

      According to the state, the sinking fund millage money can only be used for building repairs and renovations.

      â??It cannot go for teacher, administrator or any other employee salaries,â?? said Superintendent Mike Cattani. â??The state audits this every year to make sure weâ??re using it for the proper purposes.â??

      The Menominee Public Schools is holding an informational town hall meeting tonight at the Blesch Intermediate school library at 6:00 central. Another meeting will be held at 6:00 central on Wednesday at the Menominee Junior/Senior High School cafeteria.

      Voting takes place May 6th.