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      Menominee struggles with freezing water mains, issues 'let it run' order

      A "let it run" directive has been issued for some water customers in the City of Menominee.

      Residents on and south of 38th Avenue in Menominee are being asked to run their water at a pencil's width until further notice due to freezing water mains.

      The City Manager's Office reported water in the main line at 32 degrees, with substantial buildup of ice in the towers. Residents in the area under the directive will not be billed for the water they are being asked to run, according to the interim city manager.

      According to Interim City Manager Don Beavers, billing for this time period will likely be based on the previous year's amount of water usage.

      This "let it run" directive is in effect until further notice. We will provide an update once more information becomes available.