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      Meth bust at Mackinac Bridge

      A mobile meth lab was stopped near the Mackinac Bridge. According to the Michigan State Police, a trooper from the St. Ignace post stopped a vehicle on I-75, near the tolls of the Mackinac Bridge, for a cracked windshield. While speaking with the occupants, the trooper noticed the smell of burning marijuana. When questioned about it, the 29-year-old male driver and his 21-year-old female passenger said they were smoking synthetic marijuana. However, an inspection of the vehicle uncovered packets of meth along with syringes.

      The trooper also found chemicals used in meth manufacturing, along with bottles containing a substance that suggested the suspects were making the drug inside the vehicle. The two suspects are lodged in the Mackinac County Jail for possession, delivery and manufacture of methamphetamine. Their names have not been released yet, however, both are residents of Michigan.

      Due to the hazardous materials, the MSP Meth team responded to the scene for cleanup, and a HAZMAT contractor assisted them to dispose of the materials.