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      Meth lab discovered in Marquette

      An active meth lab was discovered in Marquette on Monday after officials responded to a possible meth lab.

      According to the Marquette Police Department, detectives with the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team discovered an active meth lab cook on Rock Street in Marquette at 11:45 p.m. Monday. Officers responded to a tip they received regarding the meth lab.

      During the investigation, 31 year old Marquette resident Eric Haanpaa, was arrested and taken to the Marquette County Jail for domestic violence from a previous incident.

      Other charges include one count of manufacturing meth, one count operating a meth lab, one count operating a meth lab near a specified place, and one count operating a meth lab as hazardous material.

      A preliminary hearing has been set for January 24th.

      UPSET removed all meth related components and hazardous waste from the residence.