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      Meth lab suspect in court

      One of the suspects accused of running a meth lab in Chassell was in Houghton County District Court on Monday.

      Twenty-six-year-old Michael Newberry from Chassell waived his preliminary examination. Newberry is accused of possessing methamphetamine and ecstasy. He's also charged with operating or maintaining a meth lab.

      "Your honor, we're going to do an irrevocable waiver up to circuit court. We're negotiating the possibility of plea deal on this," said Newberry's attorney Pam Dobbs.

      "Is that your wish Mr. Newberry, to waive you're preliminary examination?" asked Judge Wisti.

      "Yes," replied Newberry.

      Newberry's case will be bound over to circuit court. His girlfriend, Nichole Saatio, who was also arrested in connection with the meth lab, is scheduled for a preliminary examination on Wednesday.