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      Meth lab suspects in court

      The suspects involved in the meth lab in Chassell were arraigned in Houghton County District Court Monday.

      Twenty-six-year-old Michael Newberry from Chassell and his 25-year-old girlfriend, Nichole Saatio, who is also from Chassell, are facing two felony counts.

      Both are charged with possession of methamphetamine and ecstasy and operating or maintaining a laboratory involving methamphetamine.

      The Houghton County Sheriff's Department said they discovered the meth lab after a short investigation Sunday afternoon.

      ??Do you have anything to say before I set bond, Ms. Saatio??? asked Judge Wisiti.

      ??I wasn't running a meth lab. I wasn't manufacturing or delivering any of these,?? said Saatio.

      Officials say a small scale meth operation was in place in a vacant trailer on the backside of a home located off of US-41 in Chassell Township.

      Newberry and Saatio??s preliminary hearing is scheduled for this Friday.

      A probate hearing for Saatio??s two children was also held today. They were placed in DHS custody.