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      Meth problem sweeps Gogebic County

      In 11 months, Gogebic County residents have witnessed 20 different arrests stemming from the one drug. Meth.

      Residents are worried that the same thing could happen again except, this time, closer to home. And for a mother we spoke with who wanted her name out of the story, it practically is. She lives only two blocks away from a meth lab explosion that occurred on New Year's Eve, setting a home on fire.

      "Itâ??s really scary," admits the mom. "I don't want my house to blow up because somebody has a meth lab."

      Matt Sterbenz, a drug enforcement officer in Gogebic County, believes the under the sink ingredients could be driving the drug's recent popularity.

      "This is just one of the new fads that the drug area has seen. They think itâ??s easy and it makes it easier for them to taint it because now they can manufacture the stuff," says the officer.

      Sterbenz adds that the local police agencies that form the drug team G.I.A.N.T are combining information that is helping them crack down on the meth problem.

      "I'm really proud of what they're doing," says Ironwood resident, Dean Piasecki. "I hope that it continues to take and send the message that this town will not tolerate that type of stuff."

      Residents that see something are encouraged to report it by dialing 911 if meth evidence is spotted.