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      Mexican restaurant to open in Hancock

      Habaneros, a brand new Mexican restaurant, will soon be open for business in Hancock. Julie Cortright is the owner, and she says Habanerosâ?? menu is filled with authentic Mexican cuisine.

      "Of course we've got our lovely burritos and enchiladas and ceviche and carne asada and tacos al pastor, and every item on the menu does come from a certain region of Mexico, so it's got a lot of history to it, shall we say," said Cortright.

      Besides the food, it also means more jobs and more business for the city of Hancock.

      "This restaurant will be hiring at least 20 people or more, and for the downtown to have 20 more jobs, for the city to have 20 more jobs that didn't exist before is a big thing," said Bill Laitila, Mayor of Hancock.

      Amy Nichols is trying out the new restaurant for the first time, and she says so far the food is great.

      "It's a very wonderful selection. The Mexican food is very authentic," said Nichols.

      "It seems that everyone in the community really wanted a Mexican restaurant, whether it be in Houghton or Hancock, and we chose this area because of its visibility, and this corner, quite honestly, is the busiest in the entire U.P." Cortright said.

      From margaritas to empanadas, Habaneros has it all. If you enjoy the taste of Mexican food or you just want to try it, Habaneros will open to the public November 23.