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      MGH announces big expansion plans

      Marquette General Hospital announced a major expansion at Monday's Marquette City Commission meeting. The plan includes spending 300 million dollars over the next 10 years. That money is from the sale of MGH last September to Duke Lifepoint.

      Cosmetic improvements are already underway with bigger projects scheduled to start this fall. A new medical office building, a unified cancer center and patient tower renovation are all in the works. The plans are to keep additions and expansions within the existing footprint of the hospital.

      "We've talked about what we're going to do for creating jobs, for getting more space at the hospital and building services," said MGH CEO Gary Muller.

      "I think as we develop our facility plan, as we come in with new positions being hired, new physicians the employees will really get behind it."

      Muller says, they'll use focus groups to determine what patients want to see in the MGH upgrades. Plans also include hiring more than 80 physicians over the next two years.