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      MGH CEO gives update on new hospital

      Still no decision on where the new Marquette General Hospital will be located.

      On Tuesday evening hospital ceo Ed Banos addressed the Marquette County Commission with an update on where things stand with the site selection process.

      A packed room, and anxious board members awaited to hear where plans for the new hospital stand.

      MGH ceo Ed Banos says they are closely studying three sites, one on Marquette Golf Course property, another off of Baraga Street in south Marquette, and the third in the township behind the Westwood Mall.

      They are looking at what will be most beneficial when it comes to accessibility and room for growth.

      "We are in engineering and core drilling on all three properties right now. We're looking at what the infrastructure costs are. Some of the properties have significant wetland problems, some of them have rock problems, some of them have sand problems that are going to cost us significantly," said Ed Banos, Marquette General Hospital ceo.

      The new hospital is an effort to provide better quality care with the latest technology for patients, draw in top- notch medical staff, and keep patients in the U.P.

      Banos says efforts to improve the quality of care have already begun with their employees.

      "The little conversations and the little things we do to help the patients when they're discharged or communication about their medication. Just making sure they understand what procedures are being done will really give them that experience they will want to come back to Marquette General," Banos said.

      Banos also explained the addition of the air ambulance is another key in improving quality of care and saving lives.

      "He emphasized something that I hadn't always seen quality control that would be a bigger item with them. Frankly, I was excited to hear that, even though my care has always been excellent at MGH," said Steve Pence, commissioner.

      Banos says they are hoping to know where the new hospital will go by the end of August.