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      MGH gets national recognition for breast cancer screening

      Marquette General Hospital has been recognized as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology.

      MGH was honored with the prestigious designation because of their accredited breast imaging services, which includes mammography and ultrasounds.

      The recognition was based on the hospital's image quality, expertise, and advanced training in the department.

      The hospital staff hopes the award shows people that they don't have to travel far for medical expertise.

      "It lets those patients know that, if I have something wrong with my mammogram, I don't have to go to Mayo, I don't have to go to Mass General," said Dr. Heidi Henry. "We have one center here in the U.P. that is really the first and only Breast Imaging Center of Excellence that the U.P.'s ever had."

      MGH is one of 802 hospitals in the country that has received the title.